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Book Reviews by Gary Bain

Like my brother and famous author, Darrell Bain, I am an avid reader. Lately I have gravitated towards the true stories of Vietnam as told by our intrepid aviators.  Fighter pilots, rescue pilots, helicopter pilots,  and forward air controllers take to the air and share their missions with you.  They were all targets of the enemy and a tremendous number of our pilots were shot down. Some survived and some didn't.  Those who came home, often put their memories on paper, and got their work published. As I read these tales of courage under fire I will give my best and fair opinion of the books.

"Cheating Death" -There is hardly any words to describe the bravery of these Air Force Skyraider pilots as they left their mark throughout the arena of the Vietnam War. Told in a chilling and descriptive manner by the author, former USAF Captain George Marrett, this book will keep you spellbound as flight after flight faces incredible danger. Factual, highly descriptive and bone-chilling narrative puts you in the cockpit of the low and slow flying prop driven relic of WWII. Their creed, "So That Others May Live", has never been told so  accurately and vividly as Marrett takes you on mission after mission to rescue downed pilots. This is an absolute "Must Read" for anyone that has an interest in the history and the pilots that flew the most dangerous mission in Vietnam and Laos.

"The Rescue of Streetcar 304" - This is a riveting tale of survival under extremely perilous conditions. Kenny Fields presents the story of his shootdown and rescue in a vivid and emotional manner. You will share his fears as he moves for almost forty hours through the jungle eluding his would be captors. His rescue pitted the famous A-1 Skyraider and other jet fighter-bombers against a constant barrage of anti-aircraft fire. His story reflects the extreme courage our brave warriors exhibited as they attempted to pull him out of harms way. Kenny questions his own courage as he has close encounter after close encounter with the enemy. His vivid descriptions leave you with a definite, "I was there" feeling. I would consider this book to be a must read for any aspiring military aviator or for active duty military pilots. A great read. You may visit Kenny's web site at:



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