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Introduction to WWII Autobiography

( copies of the original diary by Gilbert Butler may be read by clicking on above pages)

A heartfelt thanks to Dwight Butler for sharing these precious memories of his Uncle, Gilbert Butler. The original typed documents were discovered in his fathers' sea chest after he passed away. Dwight comes from a long tradition of seafaring servicemen and served honorably in the United States Navy himself.

This is the story of Gilbert Butler, written by himself, and tells in great detail, the inhumane treatment he received as a prisoner of war in the hands of the Japanese. His story is a riveting account of the daily activities of the prisoners and is a testament to the bravery and heroics of our soldiers that fought and survived  World War II. These were the real heroes, for without them, I am certain we would not be here today. Gilbert Butler is one of those heroes and it is my hope that his memory will live on and inspire our younger generations that will surely be called on to protect our precious freedoms. Thank you Gilbert Butler for your sacrifices and service to our country and thank you Dwight for sharing this story with us.



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Missing in action

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